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Our associated businesses extend our network internationally and provide a valuable source of additional expertise for the development and management of high-performing organisations

Corporate Research Forum

Founded in 1994, Corporate Research Forum (CRF) is a membership organisation whose international focus is on research, discussion and the practical application of contemporary topics arising from people management,
learning and organisation development. CRF’s purpose is to increase the effectiveness of the HR function, in order to drive sustained organisational performance, through developing the capability of HR professionals. CRF has become a highly influential focal point, knowledge source and network for over 230 member organisations representing a cross-section of both the private and public sector.

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CRF Learning

CRF Learning builds on CRF’s unique blend of research and practical experience to deliver leading edge development for the HR profession. Its suite of face-to-face and online Open Programmes engages specific HR communities to improve their effectiveness in impacting their organisational performance. Bespoke Programmes offer custom team solutions tailored to the specific requirements and context of the organisation. New in 2021, On Demand Programmes are a suite of online courses that enable aspirational HR professionals who are building careers to learn at their own pace, enhancing the breadth and depth of their HR and business knowledge.

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Strategic Dimensions

Established in 1994, Strategic Dimensions (SD) is an independent search boutique with an unrivalled network.
SD identifies, engages, and understands the talent clients require to meet both present and future needs. Holding the principle that good people know good people, SD’s extensive and continually evolving networks within the international HR, broader business, and academic communities are integral to success in completing projects. SD performs by exploring and understanding requirements plus taking time to assess culture, organisational context and the commercial requirements of a new hire.

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