Corporate Research Forum

Founded in 1994, Corporate Research Forum (CRF) is a membership organisation whose international focus is on research, discussion and the practical application of contemporary topics arising from people management, learning and organisation development.

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CRF Learning

CRF Learning builds on CRF’s unique blend of research and practical experience to deliver leading-edge development for the HR profession. The suite of open programmes engages specific HR communities to improve their effectiveness in impacting their organisational performance. The annual programme of learning is complemented by custom programmes through the design and delivery of tailored solutions.

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Strategic Dimensions

Strategic Dimensions was established in 1995 to fill a clear market need for talented HR practitioners across all disciplines. Strategic Dimensions places senior HR professionals into a range of business sectors in the UK and internationally and have established an unrivalled network across the HR community and with consultants, businesses leaders and academics. Recognising that the world is very different today, Strategic Dimensions works hard at understanding the changing business landscape and ensuring that they are in tune with the issues facing their clients.

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Richard Hargreaves

Commercial Director