Fair Reward Policy – What Does it Mean and How is it Changing?

24 March 2021

16.30 - 19.30


2021 will see many firms reviewing the remuneration policies that were originally planned for their triennial review in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic inevitably forced many companies to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach, in the context of a new and perhaps unique set of challenges.

For many this will have created a valuable opportunity for a more wide-ranging re-think of reward policy. But either way, there will be an increased level of scrutiny on reward decisions, especially by those companies that have benefitted from taxpayer support during the pandemic. A watchful media and a sceptical public will be on the lookout for any signs of ‘excessive’ executive pay. This will require a careful balancing act around what constitutes fair reward.

Our meeting will have three distinct but related themes, which will enable members to consider the multi-faceted issue of ‘fair’ reward policy from the perspective of a wider group of stakeholders:

1. Key changes to remuneration policy
• What policy shifts are companies now considering in the wake of the pandemic
• What wider perspective on performance and greater protection against reward risk do these changes offer?

2. What is fair and what is excessive?
• Are decisions based on a real understanding of the market for key roles?
• What is an acceptable level of pay ‘inequality’?
• How do you stay the right side of ‘outrage’?

3. Rewarding at the edge
• In order for agile companies to catch the next wave, how do they exploit new business models and talent pools?
• How do you identify and reward the critical resources for the business of tomorrow?
• Do we understand the implications of agile reward?

Our distinguished panel of speakers will offer the diverse perspectives of a senior business school professor, a RemCo chair, the chief executive of an independent think tank, and a leading remuneration consultant.