July 14th 2014

Progress – Issue 2 (Full Edition)

Welcome to the second edition of our regular e-magazine - Progress - which was launched to assist in the development of your role, to support your career and broaden your awareness of the changing business environment we all operate within.

This latest edition takes a strategic look at the changing business environment, the future workplace and the creation of leaders and high-performing teams. It includes contributions from philosopher and best-selling author, Alain de Botton; Senior Editor at The Economist Intelligence Unit, Martin Koehring, University College London’s Professor of Business Psychology,Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Eve Poole from Ashridge Business School.

We hope you find this latest edition of Progress to be provocative and insightful and that it stimulates your thinking.

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May 3rd 2017

The Reform of Executive Reward - Interview with Tom Gosling

In this interview with Tom Gosling, Partner at PwC we are exploring the issue of executive reward within a wider economic, social and business context, as well as explore the reason behind this issue being such a prominent topic in the UK.

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May 8th 2017

The Reform of Executive Reward

The recent PARC meeting focused on the following problem areas within executive reward: - the quantum of overall pay - the design of reward plans - the governance framework within which it operates.

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June 1st 2017

Progress - Issue 5 (Full Edition)

The fifth issue of e-magazine Progress is now available.

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June 30th 2017

Incentives - What is their role in improving performance?

Where does the debate about the rights and wrongs of incentive structures stand now, and do we really understand what works and why – or why not? And where are we heading?

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September 21st 2017

Risk - what does it mean for the progressive HR function?

Over the past few years, the scope and scale of risks to which organisations are exposed have proliferated e.g. cybersecurity, data threats, terrorism, reputation – and these risks can be both outside and inside the organisation. Unsurprisingly, the level at which they are discussed and governed has escalated accordingly.

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December 5th 2017

2018 PARC Programme

Our 2018 PARC Programme sets out the topics we will be discussing in the coming year, all of which are relevant to the wider business agendas of members and the continuing success of their organisations.

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