April 2nd 2020

Post Meeting Notes: How Coronavirus is Affecting Reward? Virtual Event

On 1st April, PARC hosted Reward Directors and experts in a Zoom discussion on the Coronavirus pandemic. We looked at Reward policy actions being taken and answered several specific member queries about Reward’s response to the crisis. This summary shares some of the key insights from the discussion.

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July 22nd 2020

The Agile Dashboard Zoom Interactive Event with Prof. Joe Perfetti

On 22nd July 2020, CRF and PARC members gathered for The Agile Dashboard, a Zoom Interactive Event. Professor Joe Perfetti explained how leaders can design agility into their organisations, and how getting leaders ready to be these agility architects may just be the most important step in securing organisational survival and success.

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July 8th 2020

How Culture Impacts Attitudes to Risk – Prof. Anette Mikes' Slides

On 8th July, Prof. Anette Mikes, from the Oxford Saïd Business School, led a Zoom webinar for PARC members discussing how culture impacts attitudes towards risk. Her slides from the session provide some insights on the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for the way we manage risk in business, what has changed, what might change back and what might never be the same again.

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June 17th 2020

Post Meeting Notes - Grow The Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit

At a Zoom Interactive event on 17th June, Professor Alex Edmans led a webinar for CRF and PARC members in which he discussed his findings with particular relevance to incentives and reward.

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March 18th 2020

The UK Tax Regime - What Impact Does it Have on Investment, Performance and Productivity?

These slides are for the PARC event on the UK Tax Regime. How important is tax? Are taxes high and what pressures is the tax system facing? What is the impact of tax on productivity and how does tax affect investments?

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March 18th 2020

The UK Tax Regime - What Impact Does It Have On Investment, Performance and Productivity?

You might not be interested in tax but tax is interested in you. It may not be something that has crossed the mind of most HR professionals but it is likely to rise up their agenda over the coming years. The upward pressure on public spending caused by ageing populations mean that taxes will have to increase, services will have to be cut or public debt levels will have to rise beyond what most economists believe is sustainable in the long-term. Something will have to give and at some point over the next decade the problem will become acute. This report focuses on the major direct taxes and those that impact most directly on business and employment.

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January 28th 2020

Geopolitical Outlook 2020 with Prof. Amelia Hadfield

On Tuesday 28 January 2020, PARC held a member meeting titled: Geopolitical Outlook – What should we expect and how will it affect us? Watch this interview with guest speaker, Professor Amelia Hadfield from the University of Surrey, to hear her views on the geo-political factors which will have the greatest impact in 2020, and the growing necessity of understanding geo-politics in business.

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