February 15th 2021

Permanent Flexibility: Reimagining Remote Working Post-COVID

How has the role of the office changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic? After almost a year of working from home, organisations are turning their attentions to reimagining remote working for a hybrid future.

This report outlines key considerations for implementing a hybrid workforce, evaluates what hybrid work strategies may succeed, and provides case studies of work already underway within multi-national organisations.

Questions explored include:

  • Will corporate cultures erode without face-to-face interaction?
  • Are teams as productive remotely, and how can we monitor productivity in a hybrid environment?
  • Does a remote environment provide the same opportunity for innovation?
  • Will talent stagnate without opportunities for informal learning?
  • Does communication and inclusion suffer when teams work in a hybrid way?
  • How do we monitor and support wellbeing in a hybrid workforce?
  • How does policy need to change to reflect new hybrid work strategies?

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