PARC 2023 Programme

  • November 16, 2022

We are launching our 2023 programme at the end of the most tumultuous year in global politics that most of us can remember. If we thought the Covid pandemic would be the most disruptive event we would see in the early part of this decade, we had reckoned without the invasion of one European country by another, the destabilisation of an international order that had prevailed for 30 years, and inflation and energy supply disruption the like of which we have not seen for decades. Many governments have already had to take emergency measures to mitigate the impact of high fuel prices. Even so, it is likely that the increased cost-of-living will depress real-terms household incomes for some time and create significant upward pressure on pay.

We can expect the decade to continue to throw up surprises. The skills shortages experienced in some industries may well exacerbate as working-age populations begin to shrink across many major economies. Competition for labour and resources will become more acute as countries attempt the transition to Carbon Net Zero almost simultaneously and the trade constraints brought about by increasing geopolitical volatility continue. It is not surprising that the IMF and OECD are forecasting a continuation of the slow economic growth that was a feature of the 2010s to prevail for much of the rest of this decade.

For those tasked with developing the required capabilities and incentivising the necessary cultural and behavioural changes, the challenges will be significant. Highly effective HR and Reward functions will be a critical determinant of who thrives, who survives, and who doesn’t. At PARC, we believe that successful organisations need leaders with the strategic capability and external perspectives to anticipate and shape the future via clear and compelling business strategy. With over 70 organisations in membership, PARC offers an unrivalled opportunity for peer-to-peer exchange in environments built on openness and trust.

PARC continues to provide an essential forum for networking, peer exchange, and leading-edge research as we focus on the forces shaping our world and their implications for HR Directors, Heads of Reward and other senior business leaders. 

Our events will provide critical support in helping our members to scan, understand and respond to the challenges of our complex global business environment. Our first major speaker event of 2023 – examining the New World Order and its implications for Global Trade – will be held on the eve of the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

View the PARC 2023 Programme here.

Karen Clark, Phil Wills and Mike Haffenden

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