April 11th 2018

Member Query – Pensions

A member has asked about DB and DC pension plans as follows:
1. Do you have a DB or a DC pension plan?
2. Is there a difference in contribution based on work levels ?
3. Is there a difference in contribution based on work groups?

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June 6th 2019

Member Query - Employee Pension Contribution

A PARC member has asked for feedback/comments on approaches and intentions regarding employer pension contributions.

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January 16th 2015

Member Query - Pensions

Given the pension changes planned for early April 2015, the member asks whether others are planning to give any kind of support to their employees?

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June 23rd 2016

Member Query - Pension Provision for High Earners

With the erosion of the tax advantages relating to pension provision for high earners, a member would like to understand whether other members are providing executives with some alternative form of benefit or allowances to compensate them for this.  

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March 28th 2016

Post Meeting Review Notes: Sleepwalking into a crisis?

These post-meeting review notes provide a summary of key ideas and research from PARC's discussion forum held on 15th September 2016.

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