May 10th 2018

Member Query – Management Bonus

A member is looking at the weighting of their management bonus plans between group, business and personal elements.  They are considering whether they should move to a more equal weighting between elements and want to benchmark this against other organisation’s bonus designs and have asked the following:

1. How is your manager bonus plan weighted between the 3 elements - Group, Business, Personal?
2. What triggers each element paying out if it is an additive model rather than a multiplier approach?
3. What are the minimum and maximum pay out levels as a % of target bonus?

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August 14th 2019

Member Query - M&A Recognition Bonus

A member is currently investigating market practice for recognising key employees (outside of the normal reward cycle) who have been actively involved in achieving either a successful acquisition or disposal.

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March 13th 2015

Member Query - Variable Pay

This member query is related to variable pay and the 20 percent cap on it in the Netherlands.

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May 30th 2017

Member Query - Mobility

A member wishes to understand how other PARC members treat bonus payments for assignees or employees who have permanently moved, where bonus relates to periods in different countries and/or at time of payment the individual is a resident in a different country to where the bonus was earned?

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