June 6th 2017

Member Query – Incentives

In preparation for the PARC session on Incentives, Stephanie Bird asked PARC members a series of questions related to the topic. These explore individual incentives, team incentives and incentive schemes organisations have in place.

The questions asked included the following:

1. Is anyone trying to provide more individualised incentives, rather than simplifying or standardising schemes?
2. Is anyone moving towards team, or team plus individual, incentives? And if you have already done this, what happened?

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August 23rd 2019

Member Query - HR Metrics

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July 13th 2016

Member Query - Incentives

In this query, a member asked about the proportion of incentives paid on an individual's contribution to financial and non-financial performance etc.

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November 14th 2017

Member Query - Bonus Eligibility

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June 23rd 2017

Member Query - Transaction Incentives

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June 8th 2016

Sales Incentive Practices Survey

Mercer has recently completed a deep dive into sales incentive practices across Europe, seeking to identify the unique practices that set high performing organisations apart. The study covered 80 organisation in 20 European markets.

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