July 13th 2016

Member Query – Incentives

A PARC member has asked the following questions:

  • Are you: (a) Bank; (b) Other FS; or (c) non-FS?
  • What proportion of your incentives are paid on an individual's contribution to financial and non-financial performance?
  • If you pay part of your incentives based on individual financial performance do you have individual sales targets?
  • If you have sales targets how do you ensure that customers are not adversely impacted?
  • How do you assess different levels of individual performance? For example do you rank employees?
  • How does Sales Quality (particularly for Wealth/Mortgage colleagues) impact employees' performance rating and reward?

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November 14th 2017

Member Query - Bonus Eligibility

This member request explores policies on eligibility for short-term incentive plans for employees on certain types of leave, including maternity leave, unpaid leave and sick leave.

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June 23rd 2017

Member Query - Transaction Incentives

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June 6th 2017

Member Query - Incentives

In preparation for the PARC session on Incentives, Stephanie Bird asked PARC members a series of questions related to the topic. These explore individual incentives and incentive schemes organisations have in place.

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June 8th 2016

Sales Incentive Practices Survey

Mercer has recently completed a deep dive into sales incentive practices across Europe, seeking to identify the unique practices that set high performing organisations apart. The study covered 80 organisation in 20 European markets.

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