November 27th 2015

Member Query – Benchmarking

In this member query, the PARC member is reviewing their Vetting policies and would like some benchmarking data on the following:

  1. Do you conduct credit and/or criminal checks for existing employees?
  2. Who is in scope for these checks?
  3. How do you carry out these checks and how often do you carry these out?
  4. Are your employees obliged to declare adverse credit or criminal convictions and how do you verify this information? If they fail to declare or falsely declare, what action do you take?
  5. If an employee check shows up a credit issue or criminal conviction, what action do you take?
  6. How do you make employees aware of their obligations?
  7. What model do you use for vetting?
  8. Do you operate a tiered approach for references and checks? How do you decide which roles this applies to?
  9. Do you consider 2 years references to be acceptable for a non-regulated role which involves handling customer data?
  10. Do you have an escalation process for exceptions or do you operate a zero tolerance approach?
  11. Typically what exceptions might you allow?
  12. Are you a member of CIFAS?

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