November 9th 2020

Global Economic Outlook – Planning for 2021

These slides are from the PARC Zoom Interactive event, Global Economic Outlook - Planning for 2021. Chris Giles, Economics Editor, The Financial Times discusses the state of the economy on a global scale and how to best prepare for the year ahead.

Giles explores the impact of Covid-19 on the economy and how countries have each responded to the pandemic. How devastating is the global recession, resulting from the pandemic expected to be? What steps are the Bank of England taking to best deter the implications?

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November 11th 2020

Global Economic Update: Planning for 2021 with Chris Giles

For this year’s PARC economic update, we invited Chris Giles of the Financial Times to help us reflect upon, and make sense of, the most tumultuous year most of us can remember. Following two announcements with global significance over the previous few days, he had plenty to talk about.

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July 10th 2020

Post Meeting Notes - Thriving After a Crisis – Diverting Danger and Creating Future-proof Organisations

On 10th July 2020, CRF and PARC members gathered for Thriving After a Crisis – Diverting Danger and Creating Future-Proof Organisations, a Zoom interactive event in partnership with IMD Business School. IMD Professors Howard Yu and Mark Greeven discussed how the most successful organisations are responding to the crisis, and demonstrated that, across industry sectors, common behaviours, mindsets and organisation cultures distinguish those organisations that are faring best.

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June 17th 2020

Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit - Professor Alex Edman's Slides

These are session Slides by Professor Alex Edmans, London Business School from Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit on 17th June 2020

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