March 15th 2018

Corporate Governance: Are We Expecting Too Much?

In this report, Steven Toft explores corporate governance which is described as being topical, essential, troublesome and important. The topic has been debated for over 25 years and this report highlights the shifts that have taken place during this time.

How does corporate governance impact political, social and economic decisions? This research includes a detailed explanation of how we got here and how we can solve the issues that arise.

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May 1st 2019

Disruption: How will Reward Leaders Respond to an Uncertain Future?

This report explores what the world of work is likely to look like in five and ten years. What political turmoil will take place, how will economic disruptors impact business and what will happen as a result of extended working life spans? These questions will be answered at the connected event, Facing Disruption - Reward Implications.

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April 18th 2018

Health, Wellbeing & Benefits: A Competitive Advantage?

Health and wellbeing is very topical - with longer life expectancies and an ageing workforce, the health of our employees is becoming more important. Health risk factors must be addressed positively and an inclusive culture of health is being adopted by organisations across the globe. How can organisations ensure they are addressing physical and mental health appropriately?

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June 6th 2018

Productivity: Puzzle or Pandemic?

Productivity growth in the UK has slowed significantly in recent years. PARC’s report Productivity: Puzzle or Pandemic? investigates the issue. The report: • Defines productivity • Identifies the complex and interrelated factors that have led to its slowdown, including workforce shape and quality, educational and occupational polarisation, capital and human capital investment, and management practices • Offers practical recommendations for what employers can do to improve productivity.

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February 24th 2010

Corporate Governance: The Issues of Ownership (slides)

Professor Julian Franks' presentation slides for the PARC Discussion, Corporate Governance: The Issues of Ownership.

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February 24th 2010

Corporate Governance: The Issues of Ownership

This discussion falls withinin a sequence of PARC meetings covering the emerging trends and changes for executive remuneration, the implications for reward directors, and for performance measures and targets and was led by Professor Julian Franks of London Business School.

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