September 19th 2019

Business Performance – The Contributions of Performance Management & Performance Appraisal

This presentation is from the PARC member exchange forum on Business Performance - The Contributions of Performance Management and Performance Appraisal.

We explore the PARC Performance Management Framework and how to improve organisation performance.

What is the definition of performance management and can it be measured effectively? What are the management fads and how do we know which methods we should be using?


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September 2nd 2019

Performance Management: Its Impact on Business Performance

This report explores what performance management is and how to create a high performance culture. Why is performance management so important and why do many discussions surrounding it fail to focus on the business as a whole? What does performance mean for the company?

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May 3rd 2019

Post Meeting Review Notes: Ratingless Appraisals

These post meeting review notes summarise findings from the PARC event on Performance Management - Ratingless Appraisals. The session was led by Gerry Ledford, Senior Research Scientist at the Centre for Organization Effectiveness, University of Southern California. He explored ratingless appraisals and explained the benefits of implementing them into an organisation's performance management techniques.

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May 1st 2019

Disruption: How will Reward Leaders Respond to an Uncertain Future?

This report explores what the world of work is likely to look like in five and ten years. What political turmoil will take place, how will economic disruptors impact business and what will happen as a result of extended working life spans? These questions will be answered at the connected event, Facing Disruption - Reward Implications.

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March 18th 2019

Member Request - Early Careers (re Graduates)

In this member request, a member prepared a series of questions to discuss during an upcoming meeting with their Early Careers team. The key topics that were addressed included whether pay-scales for graduates reflect a market premium and in regards to Digital Talent, if a premium is paid to graduates with digital skills.

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April 18th 2018

Health, Wellbeing & Benefits: A Competitive Advantage?

Health and wellbeing is very topical - with longer life expectancies and an ageing workforce, the health of our employees is becoming more important. Health risk factors must be addressed positively and an inclusive culture of health is being adopted by organisations across the globe. How can organisations ensure they are addressing physical and mental health appropriately?

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March 15th 2018

Corporate Governance: Are We Expecting Too Much?

In this report, Steven Toft explores corporate governance which is described as being topical, essential, troublesome and important. The topic has been debated for over 25 years and this report highlights the shifts that have taken place during this time.

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