Peer2Peer Exchange 4

  • In Person Event
  • September 11, 2024 @ 8:15 am - 10:00 am UTC-1


Facilitated by Karen Clark, our Peer2Peer Exchanges provide a forum for open and confidential exchange of views between individual member companies on a topic of current interest. We also invite subject matter experts and advisers to join us where appropriate to the topic being discussed.

These well-attended meetings give us the flexibility to respond to critical trends and issues which are identified by members as having major operational impact or which are causing concern or highlighting a lack of understanding or available resources in response to an issue that has arisen.

Attendance is relevant (and encouraged) for the member colleague with the specified subject matter in their remit, and for whom it is an area of specialisation or direct operational interest.

The subject matter for our Peer2Peer Exchanges is determined closer to the event date and shared with the membership up to 4 weeks in advance of the scheduled event.

We have the flexibility to add Peer2Peer exchanges to the programme as the year progresses or to change the scheduled format of the event dependent on the subject matter being discussed. If you have a subject that you want to discuss with the membership then please contact Karen Clark.

These peer exchange meetings will take the form of a F2F Breakfast or Digital meeting. The sessions are not recorded but a summary of points discussed may be shared with the membership afterwards.

We also provide opportunities for in-person peer2peer exchange and networking beyond London. Our live Programme, available online here, will always have the most up to date schedule of peer2peer exchanges.

Karen Clark

Director, PARC

Karen leads PARC and is accountable for the member and partner experience. She has been instrumental in facilitating executive networking for 15+ years. She is a co-contributor to PARC’s annual programme and chairs PARC’s Peer2Peer exchanges. She has a focus on ensuring members’ interests are met and responded to. Aligned with this focus she works closely with Partners, external subject matter experts and our associate advisers to ensure the value of PARC activities and support for our members. She also facilitates PARC’s learning offering which aligns with her interest in the development of individual and team capability plus the opportunity for progressive enjoyable careers. She is an EMCC qualified executive coach which supports her development work with our members. She is also a qualified solicitor. Karen has an interest in the role of  governance in support of improved, sustainable performance and positive societal impact.

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