June 8th 2016

Sales Incentive Practices Survey

Mercer has recently completed a deep dive into sales incentive practices across Europe, seeking to identify the unique practices that set high performing organisations apart. The study covered 80 organisation in 20 European markets.

The survey and report is not open to public and we are grateful for Mercer for allowing access to PARC members.

This resource is available to PARC members only. To access, please log in with your username and password.

If you are not a member of the PARC network and are interested in membership please contact Richard Hargreaves, Commercial Director, on +44 (0) 20 3457 2630 or at richard@parcentre.co.uk.

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August 23rd 2019

Member Query - HR Metrics

A member has asked what people / HR metrics are used in management bonus, incentives, LTIPs plans

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March 28th 2016

Post-Meeting Review Notes: Mind the Gap - what's new with equal pay?

These post-meeting review notes summarise the member forum held on 17 March 2017, where we looked at the issues surrounding equal pay and the recent developments in legislation.

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June 27th 2016

Post-Meeting Review Notes: The Changing Performance and Remuneration Landscape – a glance in the rear view mirror

The cyclical nature of Performance and Reward activities, the need to deal with the next deadline or respond to the next damaging headline often detracts from time available to reflect on what might be coming along in the future.

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September 1st 2016

The Retirement Dilemma - Sleepwalking Into a Crisis?

This paper provides employers with information and views to help address two very important questions, and to provoke ideas for discussion.

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June 30th 2017

Incentives - What is their role in improving performance?

Where does the debate about the rights and wrongs of incentive structures stand now, and do we really understand what works and why – or why not? And where are we heading?

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December 5th 2017

2018 PARC Programme

Our 2018 PARC Programme sets out the topics we will be discussing in the coming year, all of which are relevant to the wider business agendas of members and the continuing success of their organisations.

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