January 28th 2016

Post-Meeting Review Notes: Economic Outlook – what does 2016 hold in store?

These post-meeting review notes summarise the discussion at PARC's opening meeting of 2016 on 21 January. Our guest, Managing Director at the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Robin Bew, shared his insights and knowledge on the following key areas of the macro environment:

  • The Economy
  • The Politics
  • A Changing World

We discussed the following questions:

  • Are China's best days behind it?
  • Can Europe recover from the Greek crisis?
  • Is Iran the market of the future?
  • How are longer term forces – from demography to urbanisation – going to shape business thinking over the medium term?
  • What are the implications of increasingly more volatile currency fluctuations and the relative strength of sterling?

Read the post-meeting review notes to review our predictions for the future ahead.

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