October 24th 2019

Post Meeting Retrospective: Why Has Stewardship Become the Duty of the Shareholders?

This Retrospective of our meeting held on 17th October 2019 includes post-meeting Chatham House summary notes, presenters’ slides, link to the PARC Stewardship report and video interviews with our panellists. This provides a concise yet informative record of the event, fully illustrating the issues involved in the understanding and application of the concept of Shareholder Stewardship. It remains on the one hand increasingly more difficult to effectively define and on the other ever more necessary to consider.

For those who attended we hope that this provides a reminder of the issues raised and the views expressed by the panel and from the floor. If you were unable to come along, this Retrospective will certainly give you a feel for the presentations by our speakers and the general tenor of the discussions.

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