Business Strategy

Post Meeting Notes: Building a Future-fit Workforce

  • October 4, 2021

While the impact of the Covid pandemic, is important, it has tended to divert attention from the other social, political and economic forces. The 2020s would have been a pivotal decade, even without the pandemic as a curtain raiser.

This event (and the accompanying report) was neither intended to be glass-half-full nor glass-half-empty. Simply understanding what is in the glass is a critical place to start. Our concern is that governments and companies appear to have only recently taken on board the connections between these developments. Dealing with the diverse business challenges will require different mindsets and skillsets. Employers need to prepare their workforces for this turbulent decade now.

To bring some clarity to this rapidly changing situation and complex mix of forces, we were joined by a panel with a wide range of perspectives on international business and the global economy.

View the comprehensive Post Meeting Notes here. These include video summaries from all speakers.

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