February 24th 2017

Member Query – Compensation Structure

This member request is from a member who has been challenged by their RemCo on the simplicity of their compensation structure and have a series of questions in regards to the structure of other company's reward packages, such as:

  • Do you have a separate Annual Bonus and LTI plans?
  • Do you use a modifier on your Annual Bonus plan to reflect affordability or overall company performance?
  • How many LTI plans do your senior executives participate in?
  • Do you use the same metrics for your Annual Bonus as your LTI plan?

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April 14th 2016

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May 24th 2017

Member Query - IT Sales Compensation

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July 12th 2018

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February 14th 2019

Member Query - Compensation Review Systems

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November 13th 2014

Performance-related pay - A 15-year experiment that hasn't worked?

Deborah Hargreaves' presentation from the recent PARC meeting, How are people rewarded - have we lost the moral consensus?

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