July 17th 2013

International Conference – 2013 Participants

To view the confirmed participant list for our 2013 International Conference in Madrid (2 & 3 October) please click below.

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February 15th 2013

2013 conference brochure: Strategy in a Changing World 2013

This year our speakers will outline their views on the future political, technological and economic events which will affect us and will link these to the strategic options available to you and your organisation.

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October 4th 2013

Perspectives from Silicon Valley

Stu Winby's presentation on Perspectives from Silicon Valley.

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October 4th 2013

How to Develop Strategy in a Changing World

George Yip presentation on How to Develop Strategy in a Changing World.

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October 25th 2013

5th International Conference, Madrid: Strategy in a Changing World - Conference Highlights

In selecting 'Strategy in a Changing World' as the theme for 2013, CRF sought to provide context to our everyday business lives.

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January 14th 2014

Progress - Issue 1: All Change

Within the inaugural edition of our new e-magazine, Progress, the Economist’s Intelligence Unit’s Managing Director, Robin Bew, and Chief Economist, Simon Baptist, discuss how 2014 will mark the beginning of a clear global economic recovery and identify the major trends for business in the year ahead. 

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April 15th 2014

HR, Technology and Analytics – Threats and Opportunities

Prepared for our May 2014 meeting – The Technology Challenges for HR – this discussion paper looks to shed light on developments in information systems, and to explore the implications of big data for HR.

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