June 11th 2020

Member Query – Executive Outplacement

A member asked the following questions on Executive outplacement.

  1. Are you a global employer?
  2. Do you provide an allowance or a dedicated programme for your Executive Outplacement support?
  3. If a programme is offered, do you have a tiered approach, depending on the Executive level?
  4. What type of support would normally be included in the programme?
  5. Do you work with one or more suppliers?  If possible, please share.
  6. If available, please share approximate costings for Executive Outplacement support programmes.
  7. Is there any support you offer in lieu or in addition to Executive Outplacement support?
  8. Do you offer any support or services beyond executive level?
  9. Is Executive Outplacement support offered in each of your regions of operation?