What we do

PARC promotes challenging research, with expert business and academic input. This, combined with our senior-level membership, provides a stimulating and participative environment for those seeking improved corporate performance.

PARC’s philosophy is based on the belief that successful organisations need:

  • to be outward looking and contextually aware in political, economic and social terms
  • to implement a compelling and clear business strategy successfully communicated, understood and owned throughout the organisation
  • an engaged, capable and motivated workforce
  • an environment which encourages high performance, innovation and the responsible incubation and development of new thinking
  • business information systems which provide timely, unambiguous and valid data at all levels of the organisation
  • an HR operation which is respected and trusted as an integral and proactive contributor to all aspects of strategic and operational activities.

Richard Hargreaves

For more details on how your organisation can benefit from membership to PARC please contact:

Richard Hargreaves

Commercial Director