International Conference: Speed, Productivity, Agility – Essentials for Tomorrow’s Disruptive Business Environment

7 - 9 October 2019

Hotel Sofia, Barcelona

Who is it for?
Senior business people, HR leaders and HR specialists seeking solutions to respond to a rapidly changing business context. The fundamental concept is cycle-time reduction. What is that to do with people management? Everything.

What will differentiate the successful organisations of tomorrow and how should they be preparing to get a head start? By taking a multi-faceted view of the drivers of organisation performance, we will challenge delegates to be radical and imaginative in developing strategies to execute the personal and organisational transformations essential for business continuity.

Led by an expert panel of speakers, we will address the fundamentals of speed, productivity and agility and how they can help us shape our responses to changes in our organisational environments.
• The disruptors of the global economy are characterised by a single factor – speed. This includes not only speed of thought and action but also speed in turning a profit.
• Underpinning the issues of speed and productivity are technological factors such as automation and artificial intelligence. How do we prepare for a future which best combines human and technological potential?
• How do we create an agile organisation which rewards the development of new capabilities while optimising the core business?
• How do we design jobs and create high-performing collaborative and integrated teams to attract and retain the digital talent we need?
• What do reward models look like in a world where individual contributions are overtaken by step technology changes and the increasing impact of AI?
• What does all this mean for the culture of the organisation and its internal and external stakeholders?

The combination of stimulating, provocative content delivered in an interactive format with facilitated networking makes this the premier people management conference in Europe.

Non-members are welcome to join us in Barcelona, for a cost of £1,500 + VAT.

Accommodation costs for all attendees is £250 + VAT per night and we recommend a two-night stay - Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th October.