PARC Member Lunch

9 September 2020

12.00 – 15.00

House of Lords

Our annual lunch for PARC members will be at the House of Lords, a suitable venue for a mid-year review of political and economic events.

All the signs suggest that the early 2020s will be as tumultuous as the late 2010s. In the wake of the December 2019 election, political fragmentation and turmoil look set to continue. Even if a withdrawal deal is agreed with the European Union, it will only be the start of a protracted negotiation about the future relationship. With increasing volatility across the world, it is very difficult to anticipate the political and economic climate more than a few months ahead.

Against this background, we shall enjoy lunch in the House of Lords and discuss a wide range of emerging interests with the help of a suitably informed speaker.

Current uncertainty means that our choice of speaker is better made closer to the time when those best qualifi ed to comment will be clearer. We shall we inviting a politician, commentator or observer who we believe will best meet our requirements of informing and entertaining.