International Conference, Vienna – The Meaning of Work

5 - 7 October 2015

Hilton Vienna Hotel

The 7th CRF International Conference will be a must-attend event for anyone interested in how people and organisations interact, and generate business success.

Entitled ‘The Meaning of Work’, Vienna 2015 will embrace the musical ambience and academic heritage of our host city in a way which is sure to capture your imagination. Using the orchestra as a metaphor for organisations, we will be mixing presentation and discussion with orchestral interventions to demonstrate how we might enhance business performance.

Who is it for?
Our conferences attract over 300 senior business people, HR Directors and specialists who are interested in:

• the international business context
• the fusion of business strategy, leadership and people management
• top level networking, reflection, sharing and comparison.

The meaning of work is a major issue in today’s organisation context, characterised by short-termism, relentless change, and constant financial pressures. Creating meaning is a function of many factors, including having clear purpose and direction, a conducive working environment, opportunities for collaboration and teamwork, and a chance to learn, make a contribution and grow.

The discussion is far more than simply philosophical. It has important practical aspects, and yet in many organisations, meaning and purpose is not properly thought through. During the conference, we will look at meaning both at an individual and organisation level and try to determine solutions which can be applied in the work context.

We will use the internationally acclaimed conductor, Gernot Schulz and his orchestra to illustrate purpose and meaning and compare the workings of the orchestra with organisational life. Topics we will explore include:

• how organisations create and sustain value – deciding where and what to ‘play’
• how to develop shared context and purpose, both for individuals and the organisation
• creating meaningful work and meaningful workplaces
• the role of teams, leaders, organisation structure, planning and results.

If you are not a PARC or CRF member but are interested in attending this event please contact Lynn Little on 020 7470 7104 or at