House of Lords Members Lunch

8 September 2021

12.00 - 15.00

House of Lords

Our annual lunch for PARC members will be at the House of Lords, a suitable venue for a mid-year review of political and economic events.

The early 2020s are already shaping up to be a tumultuous decade. The past year has added global pandemic to the list of potentially destabilising factors affecting the world economy. Others, such as trade wars, geopolitical instability, climate change and demographics, are still with us. We have seen that it is very difficult to anticipate political and economic developments more than a few months ahead.

For this very reason, our choice of speaker will be made closer to the time. We shall be inviting a politician, commentator or observer whom we believe will best meet our requirements of informing and entertaining.

This will be a perfect opportunity to visit the seat of government, network with fellow attendees, listen to some well-informed commentary and discuss the key issues affecting our businesses.