Employment Policies – What we Need and Why we Need Them

14 April 2021

16.30 - 19.30


How relevant and up to date are your employment policies? The aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic will lead to a re-writing of policies in certain areas, especially regarding home working and absence. You will probably have updated your data protection policy in response to GDPR. High profile events often prompt a complete re-write. But what about the ones you haven’t looked at for years? Have they stood the test of time? Do they contain oldfashioned language, once deemed acceptable but now seen as offensive? Are they policies designed for your business of ten years ago but less relevant to how you work today?

For many organisations, the policies manual has traditionally been something that has grown over time and has rarely, if ever, been reviewed. For many years, having out-ofdate policies carried little risk.

But the business and social environment has changed. Companies are now held to account over policy questions by employees, shareholders and the media. They are now far more likely to be called upon to define, explain and justify the values and the detailed provisions that are embedded in the policies that they apply within their organisation.

This session and the accompanying report will revisit the entire concept of employment policies and their use in organisations from both a legal and a social perspective. How are they used – and what do they tell us about the employer brand? What legacy policies might come back to bite us?

We will consider:
• What employment policies should a company have?
• What should they cover?
• Who owns them?
• What do you do with them when you’ve got them?
• What is the legal status of your policies?
• What are the implications of making them contractual or non-contractual?
• What is their purpose – to police / to encourage / to manage risk / to ensure fairness and consistency?

The Covid-19 pandemic will be a catalyst and opportunity to review employment policies that may be based on outdated working practices and patterns.

We will look at how employment policies need to evolve and how to revise them in a way that will both remove risk and strengthen your employer brand.