Business Performance – The Contributions of Performance Management and Performance Appraisal

19 September 2019

16.30 – 19.30

Eversheds Sutherland, London

Three years ago, PARC reviewed the broad topic of performance management and attempted a definition of organisational performance. We inevitably strayed into the topics of performance appraisal and other popular HR tools and techniques but didn’t have any definitive conclusions.

The model we defined at the time seemed to strike a chord but needs further exploration.

Since that meeting, and indeed at further PARC meetings, the question of performance management and performance appraisal has again raised its head with the view that not much has improved despite much discussion and technological advances. The questions remain “are we trying to improve the unimprovable? Are our scarce resources directed at the wrong target?”

In this PARC meeting we will:

    • revisit the PARC model examining strategic direction, the need for a high performance culture, highly competent and focused people and strong feedback loops
    • examine the role of performance appraisal looking at the challenges organisations and managers face in trying to make this concept work. As part of this we will consider the latest research findings and changes to practices and whether any discernible progress has ensued.

Phil Wills and Mike Haffenden will set the scene and Professor Rob Briner will present the latest research and evidence.

Steven Toft will write a research paper which will be circulated before the event. He will be advised by, amongst others, Professor Rob Briner from the University of London and Derek Steptoe from WPP.