Digital Conference: Re-imagining the New Landscape: Reset, Renew and Thrive

12 - 13 October 2020

12th (1:15pm - 5:15pm) 13th (8:45am - 1:30pm)


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Organisations are going through a time of unprecedented change and extreme uncertainty – do you have clarity on the future direction of your organisation?

Traditional responses are of limited effectiveness in unusual times – are you capturing the lessons of the crisis in order to get ahead of the competition and set your organisation up to thrive in the future?

In adapting our highly regarded International Conference into a purely digital experience, we will explore the post-Covid-19 landscape and its implications for organisations. Working with our partners at IMD Business School and others, we are delighted to showcase a diverse faculty of experts who during the course of the conference will ask how organisations can:

Reset – We use organisation purpose and decision-making through uncertainty as lenses to assess how organisations can reimagine and reset in order to build a sustainable foundation for success in the new landscape.

Renew – Through peer-to-peer exchange, we explore how organisations can adapt and refresh processes and practices for new realities.

Thrive – By considering virtual leadership and digital transformation, we examine how organisations can apply the lessons learned during the crisis to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Key Sessions Day 1

Managing the Legal and Commercial Challenges of a Rapidly Changing Workplace/Workforce
Emily Clark, Ian Hunter & Pattie Walsh, Bird & Bird

Key Considerations for HR in the ‘New Normal’
Justin Rix, Grant Thornton

Back to the Future: Getting Your People Back to Their Best and Thriving Again
Amy Walters, Lane4

Adapt or Die! How Your Leadership Climate and Culture are Predictors of Business Success
Lawrence James, Jr., Ph.D, Cristina Jimenez & Nick Twyman, RHR

Team is the New Hero: Flatter Structure, Faster System
Gareth Fendick & Sue Stokely, BTS

Managing the Risks of a Remote Workforce
Caroline Smith, HireRight

How to Reshape and Reskill Through Disruption
Natalie Jacquemin & Chris Johnson, Mercer

Breakthrough Thinking – The Missing Piece of the Jigsaw
Mike Straw & Ric Pulzis, Achieve Breakthrough

Redefining the Future: Employee Experience in a Changed World
Dr. Andy Brown & Sean Mills, ENGAGE

HR as the Gatekeepers to Effective Digital Transformation
Alan Brown & Malcom Moore, HeadSpring

The Yin and Yang in HR: The Art of Balancing Flexibility and Stability
Michael Custers, SD Worx


Bite size sessions

In Conversation with Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg
Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, Harvard Business Review

Engage your Learners with Mind Tools
Colin Howell & Andrew McGlyn, Emerald Works


Key Sessions Day 2

Choluteca; Change and the Illusion of Control
Prof. Susan Goldsworthy, IMD Business School and Mike Haffenden, CRF

Accelerating Digital Transformation
Prof. Didier Bonnet, IMD Business School and Gillian Pillans, CRF

How to Make Decisions During Highly Unpredictable Times
Prof. Arnaud Chevalier, IMD Business School and Mike Haffenden CRF

Leading in the Virtual World
Prof. Jennifer Jordan, IMD Business School and Gillian Pillans, CRF

HR Agenda: Back to Your Reality
Prof. Didier Bonnet, IMD Business School; Jonathan Crookall, Chief People Officer, Costa Coffee; Jenny Duvalier; Session Chair: Nick Holley, CRF Learning; Prof. Jennifer Jordan, IMD Business School; Sue Whalley, Chief People and Performance Officer, Associated British Foods

Bite size sessions

In Conversation with Scott Anthony
Scott Anthony, Harvard Business Review

Introduction to Meditation
Sabi Kerr


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