Planning and Budgeting Post Brexit – What are the facts?

13 November 2019

16.30 – 18:30

Eversheds Sutherland, London

During a time where many are preparing plans and budgets for the year ahead, this session will include and update and perspective on what may happen post Brexit. We will cover predicted issues and the implications these may have on business and the economy.

How Brexit will occur is impossible to predict, making it a challenge but necessity for businesses to best prepare. Post Brexit, we may have a clearer idea of what may happen in the coming years, so join us for a discussion on this.

This event will allow you the opportunity to raise your questions and gain invaluable insights from the discussions. We will be joined by Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, who will provide us with an open and objective commentary on issues as they stand and what the implications for businesses and the economy might be in the coming years.